Air Source Heat Pump Installation in Blackfen

Air Source Heat Pump Installation in Blackfen

Heat and hot water are essential parts of our lives. However, they are becoming increasingly difficult to produce with rising bills and the climate. It’s time to think green when warming up your home. That’s why Air To Heat is here. We offer green heating alternatives with our air-source heat pump installation in Blackfen.

Our air source heat pump installation offers a cost-effective solution to warming up your home as you use renewable resources. In turn, you can enjoy a toasty warm home, and even hot water without being dependent on expensive, traditional heating methods.

Air Pump Heat Installation Blackfen

Benefits of using a Heat Pump

Here are some of the many advantages of using an air source heat pump.

Provides heating and hot water for your home

Perfect for properties that have limited outside space

One of the lowest investment costs for heat pumps

Small and compact

Suitable for a range of properties

Quiet during operation

Compatible with radiators and underfloor heating

Suitable for modern low energy or well-insulated properties

Possible to benefit from Government incentives and grants

Minimal ongoing maintenance

No fuel deliveries or fuel stored onsite

Works in cold outside temperatures

Air Pump Heat Installation in Blackfen

Understanding Air Source Heat Pumps and Their Operation

Air source heat pumps are often confused with ground-source heat pumps; however, they differ significantly. While both serve as alternative heat sources, ground-source heat pumps involve extensive digging and take days to install. In contrast, air-source heat pumps require no digging and can be installed in just a day.

Functioning primarily on outside air, air-source heat pumps harness renewable energy. They extract warmth from the external air, converting it into high-temperature gas through compression. This heated gas is then circulated indoors, releasing captured heat to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Subsequently, the refrigerant cycles back to the outdoor unit, ready to repeat the process.

Saving Money and Warming Your Home

Air-source heat pumps are known for their cost-effectiveness. They help residents and businesses save money by using significantly less energy than traditional heating methods. Despite relying on electricity, they are predominantly powered by outdoor air, resulting in lower energy consumption and, consequently, reduced bills. Additionally, their renewable nature makes them environmentally friendly, contributing to a lower carbon footprint.

Blackfen Air Pump Heat Installation

Environmental benefits

Here are some environmental benefits of using an air source heat pump.

Require little maintenance

Energy efficient

Generates less CO2

Cheaper to run

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Air Pump Heat in Blackfen Installation

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